Montreal: While the State sharpens its knives: confrontation with the cops and attacks on banks

From Sabotage Media

Wednesday, May 16, while the state sharpens its knives, demos are taking place in several cities against the extension of the Police State by announcing the preparation of a special law and new municipal regulations* in a desperate attempt to regain control.

After just over 45 minutes in a dumbass in a tie began insulting and provoking the crowd and found himself surrounded, the cops began to pepper spray and the crowd responded with a few stones and garbage cans. The cops started throwing shock grenades and fired plastic bullets. Minutes later the windows of several banks were shattered into pieces.

watch a video here

One person busting a window was attacked from behind, but a comrade acted quickly to free the person. Watch your back and the backs of your comrades, other than the usual undercovers, it seems there’s other shitbags like peace police and probably fascists who are organizing,

Around 1am there were mass arrests. 122 people were arrested according to the cops.

*At the time of writing, May 18th, the “special” law has already being implemented and the municipal regulation will be implemented tomorrow [May 19th].

Among many other things they render illegal demos that do not give the cops their route in advance and are forced to change it if it does not suit them, and it is illegal to wear a mask in a demonstration in Montreal and many other cities are reportedly preparing similar measures.

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